Cambridge Veneer Stone

Canyon Ledge Stone Collection

Stone... throughout the centuries, it has been an enduring symbol of strength, beauty and elegance in the world’s landscape. From centuries-old castles and medieval cathedrals to today’s modern homes, businesses and monuments, stone continues to be a popular choice for almost any building project.

Cambridge Pavers recognizes the lasting beauty and rich textures of the natural stone on our native landscapes...and we’ve even improved on it. Molded from real stones found in riverbeds, mountains and streams of our lands, Cambridge Pavers veneer has all the warmth and elegance of the real stone from which it was cast, with all of its natural distinct qualities.


Canyon Ledge | Chestnut

A warm mixture of earth tone tans and browns with a hint of charcoal make chestnut a very natural looking stone. Chestnut is neutral enough to accent almost any color home, and has a deep and textured look to add a homey feel. Chestnut tones are earthy and understated yet add sophistication to any look.


Canyon Ledge | Santa Fe

Consisting of Indian Brown, Sandy Buff and Charcoal, Santa Fe is the only stone color we blend by hand to create a Southwestern feel. Santa Fe adds warmth and character to neutral tones.

Santa Fe

Canyon Ledge | Midnight Slate

Combinations of lighter and darker grays and charcoal with hints of autumn leaves highlighting this palette give midnight slate a three-dimensional feel. The crisp and classic shades of gray found in Midnight Slate exemplify the elegance only stone can add to a home.

Midnight Slate

Canyon Ledge | Autumn Blend

A natural blending of forest green, canyon red, autumn leaves and sandy buff brings out the season of autumn blend. The combinations of these colors allow a designer to complement and decorate for that professional look. Autumn blend enhances any environment or season.

Autumn Blend

Technical Specifications ICC-ESR 3111

Testing of our stone is performed in accordance with ICC AC51 by an accredited testing engineering firm. Specimens were tested for various properties in accordance with AC51 sections 4.2 through 4.7. Refer to test result table below.

ASTM C109-05
Compressive Strength
Avg. 2374 psi
Tensile Strength
Avg. 188,003 psi
Flexural Strength
Avg. 4.77 MPa
Shear Bond Strength
Avg. 92.74 psi
Moisture Absorption
Avg. 9.5%
ASTM C67-03
Freeze - Thaw
Avg. -0.74% weight loss

Canyon Stone products meet the requirements and conditions of acceptance for ICC ES AC51 "acceptance criteria for precast stone veneer", approved February 2008, Effective March 1,2008.

50 Year Limited Warranty

Canyon Stone warrants its veneer products for 50 years against manufacturing defects when installed on buildings complying with local building codes and meeting manufacturers written instructions. This warranty excludes deterioration caused from chemicals, paints, wall movement, building settlement, and discoloration from oxidation and contaminates. Coverage is limited to the original purchaser, does not include labor, and is limited to the repair or replacement of the product.


Our stones and accents are carefully stacked in framed wooden pallets yielding 120sf of flats. Pallets are then wrapped with a weather resistant cardboard. Kraft paper layers every other row to minimize scuffing of stones during transit. Smaller projects are packaged in Handy-Packs with 10sf of flats and 9 lf of corners.