Cambridge Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits

Be the best pizza chef in town and the talk of friends and family! Bake the most delicious, traditional Italian pizza pies, open-faced baguette pizzas, homemade breads as well as roast vegetables and a variety of dishes right in your own backyard… all with authentic, brick oven flavor. The Old World look is further enhanced with an arch design over the wood storage compartment and 2 bands of granite tiles on 4 sides.

  • Firebrick-Lined Wood Burning Chamber
  • A Floor Containing A Special Cooking Stone Eliminates The Need To Rotate The Pizza While It’s Cooking
  • Vented Damper Adjusts Air Flow For Temperature Control
  • Stainless Steel Chimney Liner, Termination Cap And Spark Screen
  • 7′ 8″ High, 4′ 11 1/2″ Wide, 3′ 7 3/4″ Deep
  • Professional Quality Care & Cooking Package
  • Temperature Gauge & Drop-Down Doors With Heat Dissipating, Stainless Steel Handles

Color Combination Option Shown:
Olde English Wall Toffee/Onyx; Trim Across The Top Of Each Section And Around The Oven Insert And The Arched Opening Of The Wood Storage Compartment Cambridge Bullnose Bluestone Blend; Genuine Granite Tiles Black Uba Tuba.

Choice Of Designer-Inspired Color Combinations!


Made of Cambridge Olde English Wall™ with Cambridge Bullnose around the oven insert, as well as across the top of each section and the arched opening of the wood storage compartment. Delivered to your home in a choice of two popular color combinations, the unitized wood burning chamber and oven with a built-in thermometer have stainless steel doors and handles. A floor containing a special cooking stone eliminates the need to rotate the pizza while cooking it. The chimney liner, termination cap and spark screen are also stainless steel. The bottom section contains an accessible storage area for your logs.

Dimensions (With 2 Pcs. Put Together):

59 1/2″ long, 43 3/4″ deep and 92″ high. Weight: 7,212 lbs.


Alternative Color Combination Option:

  • Sahara/Chestnut Olde English Wall
  • Chestnut Cambridge Bullnose Trim
  • Venetian Gold Granite Tiles
  • Limestone Quarry Blend Olde English Wall
  • Bluestone Bullnose Trim
  • Black Uba Tuba granite tiles

Professional Quality Care & Cooking Package Includes…

  • 13″ Rectangular Pizza Peel For Inserting And Removing Your Pizza
  • 8″ Round Pizza Peel (for rotating pizza; not necessary with Fully-Assembled Pizza Oven)
  • Adjustable Brush With Copper Bristles
  • Oven Rake
  • Oven Ash Shovel
  • Wall-Mounted Peel Rack

Simple instructions in English and Spanish are included.

This Outdoor Pizza Oven Can Be Put Together In Less Than 1 Hour!

Two wallstones easily slide out from each section during the process to establish open pockets for a forklift. The wallstones can either be glued back into position or replaced without adhesive, should you want to relocate the pizza oven in the future.

Olde English Wall Pizza Oven

Complete with four pallets of Pre-Cut & Pre-Packaged Olde English Wallstones. Dimensions: 64 1/4″ long, 72 3/4″ deep, and 98″ high. Instructions in English and Spanish included. Toffee/Onyx with Cast Stone Surround Deluxe in Bluestone shown.

MaytRx Wall Pizza Oven

Complete with five pallets of Pre-Cut & Pre-Packaged MaytRx 6 Wallstones. Dimensions: 68″ long, 81″ deep, and 90″ high. Instructions in English and Spanish included. Split Face Sahara/Chestnut with Cast Stone Surround Deluxe in Chestnut shown.

For Better Results
Each pizza oven comes with a professional-quality Care & Cooking Package, which includes a pizza peel collection – essential flat shovels on a long handle that allow a chef to easily put pizzas into and take them out of an oven while also serving as a preparation surface. The Cambridge Care & Cooking Package adds another element of authenticity to any pizza kitchen.

Professional Quality Care & Cooking Package Includes…

  • 13″ Rectangular Pizza Peel
  • 8″ Round Pizza Peel For Rotating And Removing The Pizza From The Oven
  • Adjustable Brush With Copper Bristles
  • Oven Rake
  • Oven Ash Shovel
  • Wall-mounted Peel Rack